Interns Can Build Solid Therapy Practices With Tom Bruett

 Show Notes:

Tom Bruett has managed to fill a daytime group and bring in lots of right-fit clients in his first year of private practice. And he’s still an intern. He shares how he leans into his superpowers to bring his right-fit clients into his practice. If you’re an intern, you’ll love the concrete advice and you’ll be inspired by his success.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How he uses blogging to market his practice
  • Outsource what isn’t in your zone of genius
  • Transitioning into using online scheduling
  • How he uses social media effectively
  • Working through niche questions and fears
  • Tips for using Facebook ads
  • How hiring a web designer helped him level up
  • Why interns sometimes feel discouraged

Resources Discussed:

Empathy Sites



The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program

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