Going Online And Leaving Traditional Therapy Behind With Cara Wilde

Show Notes:

Cara Wilde did a personal pagan ritual in 2010 and asked for guidance on how to serve her tribe. What she discovered changed her life and her business forever. Now she provides all of her channeling services online, both through an online course and 1:1 sessions. In the clubhouse, Cara talks about how to get closer to your zone of genius in your business and life.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she created her online course (and made it harder than it needed to be)

  • Embracing video as her optimal form of content creation

  • Advice for therapists who feel stuck and want to take a leap

  • Why she needed to leave conventional therapy to step further into her zone of genius.

  • Finding out who she’s meant to work with after at first being willing to work with anyone

  • Creating her offers by listening to the needs of her tribe

  • How she protects her energy and avoids burnout as a highly sensitive person

  • Why she urges therapists and healers to consider running a group or online course

  • Charging 6 times more than she did at the start of her private practice

Resources Discussed:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Tara Gentile

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