Sliding Scale And Profit With Paul Fugelsang

Show Notes:

Paul talks about his entrepreneurial journey in building a therapy practice and then creating a national organization for affordable therapy. He shares openly about his struggles in making Open Path sustainable and the shift that finally made it thrive. Listen as he talks about creating momentum, setting goals with an open mind, and the practices that keep him nourished and grounded. You’ll hear Paul crack me up several times. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • His realization that he wanted to create an organization for affordable therapy

  • A different view on sliding scale

  • How Open Path went through growing pains and now serves almost 10,000 clients

  • Creating Being Seen, a unique directory that supports therapists in building their practices

  • Balancing his therapy practice with his other ventures

  • How he arranges his optimal schedule

  • What he charges (real numbers as usual!)

  • Why he accepts insurance

  • Practices he uses to restore himself regularly

Resources Discussed:

Naropa University

More From Paul:

Open Path Collective

Being Seen

More From Annie:

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