Setting Boundaries With Olga Rocklin

Show Notes:

If you don’t set up your schedule and life the way you want to, why do you even have your own business? Olga believes in carving out the boundaries you want for your life, then building your private practice around them. She gets real about the struggle she went through in the first year of private practice, and how she came out the other end a stronger and more grounded entrepreneur.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Setting fees

  • Turning off her private practice in the evenings

  • Working with people healing from eating disorders

  • Reaching out to teens and young adults

  • Managing her personal and professional boundaries on social media

  • Getting ideas for content

  • Offering a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

  • Creating and holding your cancellation policy

Resources Discussed:

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Twitter: @olga_sf_therapy

Instagram: olgarockin_lmft

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