Rocking Social Media With Patrice N Douglas

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Show Notes:

How are you doing with social media? Patrice N Douglas will show you how to have fun with it. In this conversation, she shares her passion for destigmatizing mental health issues and ways she uses to social media to get her message out. She also dives into how she uses social media to support other therapists. Not only is Patrice not competitive with her peers, she’s a champion of their work.

Patrice N Anger is something we need to have. It creates change and alerts us that something is wrong. We never want to eliminate it. We just want to channel what we’re feeling to make a resolution..png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Providing online therapy

  • Creating and selling “Black Minds Matter”  and “Therapy Saves Lives” T-shirts

  • Specializing in anger management

  • How she balances her time between agency and private practice

  • Her big why: Destigmatizing mental health issues

  • Her Therapist of the week spotlight on Instagram

  • Developing her brand with a branding specialist

  • Networking online with other therapists

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