Sensitive And Strong With April Snow

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Show Notes:

Think you’ve got to be someone else in order to succeed in your business? Nope. April Snow shares how she ignored the noise and listened to her wise inner voice as she was setting up her private practice. She knew she wanted to work with Highly Sensitive People, and that’s what she does, quite successfully. Listen as we dive into her entrepreneurial journey.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Taking the leap and niching with highly sensitive people

  • Clearing away the noise and taking her time with business decisions

  • Managing the overwhelm of private practice with self-care and systems

  • Taking self-care seriously

  • Starting a community for Highly Sensitive Therapists

  • Being OK with seeing less clients every week

  • Her journey of taking her fee from 120 up to 175 and soon higher

  • Getting comfortable with money

  • Her writing routine

  • The Highly Sensitive Therapists Retreat in July in Santa Cruz

  • Marketing without getting overwhelmed

  • A sneak peek at her 5-year plan

Resources Discussed:

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