Raw And Unapologetic With Narissa Harris

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Show Notes:

Narissa Harris says “I’m a black woman first and a clinician second.” Her happy place is working on awareness around African American culture. She’s extremely generous in her approach to helping therapists find their way to more humility and sensitivity. She dives into how she created her workshops, built her practice, and became her own boss.

Narissa In my cultural awareness workshops, I want it to be bumpy, I want people to be uncomfortable, but I want them to have a moment when they land and they’ve gotten to their destination and they’re excited about .png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Offering workshops on cultural awareness

  • Creating several effective Cultural Awareness workshops

  • Dealing with the resistance of people who are afraid to discuss racism

  • Her monthly newsletter, “Walk A Day In My Culture”

  • Being raw and unapologetic

  • Being profiled and knowing her husband is profiled

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Getting through low moments in her practice

  • Cycles of ebbs and flows in her private practice

  • Making the transition to private practice

  • Using insurance as a part of her private practice

  • Reminding herself that she’s the boss of her business

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Resources Discussed:


Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy

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