Becoming An Entrepreneur With John Edwards


Show Notes:

John says that when he started out in private practice, he had a clinical entity, but not a business entity. He has embraced being a business owner AND serving many clients who have limited resources. John shares his experiences negotiating with insurance companies, becoming a Gottman Method Certified Therapist, and creating an online presence that brings in plenty of clients who are a good fit for him.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Starting out as a generalist and getting more focused over time

  • Working with chaotic clients who are stressed on many levels

  • Offering a workshop that didn’t get any enrollments, and what he learned from it

  • Being a black gay therapist and the dearth of therapists who share those identities

  • Becoming a Gottman Method Certified Therapist

  • The cost of living in the Bay Area and how it impacts therapists and clients

  • Holding his ground with insurance companies when asking for more money

  • Getting clear on who his right fit client is

  • Niching within the niche of couples therapy

  • 2 ways to market to couples

Resources Discussed:

Selling The Couch

Peer Space

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