Too Much And Never Enough With Amy Lasseter

Show Notes:

Amy has learned over the past couple of years that being in control is over-rated, and she’s gotten more comfortable living in the messy middle. She talks about making a big pivot in her business away from the group practice she started and towards a solo practice. Listen as she talks about how to avoid the mindset traps of “too much” and “never enough.”

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Helping entrepreneurial moms

  • Getting used to moving forward while things are in chaos

  • Voices of too much and never enough.

  • Money mindset work around self-doubt

  • Impatience as both a strength and weakness as an entrepreneur

  • Learning how to distinguish her wiser self from her other voices

  • Deciding to stop running her group practice and go solo

  • Her advice about how to build a group practice with a business mindset

  • How to get on the right insurance panels and how to get off of them

  • Test marketing concierge services

  • Sitting with uncomfortable feedback  

  • When you know it’s time to expand to a group practice

Resources Discussed:

MNIB consulting

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Therapy Website

Empowered BizLife, Holistic Community

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