Behind The Scenes Of Therapist Clubhouse With Annie Schuessler

Show Notes:

In the last six months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this podcast. I grabbed my sister and she interviewed me so I could answer them all. Come behind the scenes with me and I’ll tell you why I create the podcast, how the process has totally surprised me, and what’s coming next. I’ll also share what podcasts I listen to myself and what inspires me most.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The group of therapists I created this podcast for (yes, real actual people)

  • How Therapist Clubhouse is different from other podcasts

  • How I decided to switch from blogging to podcasting

  • Why I started a podcast rather than writing a book (for now)

  • The scariest parts of creating a podcast

  • My favorite business podcasts and books

  • A humbling moment when I had to take my own advice

  • Why I rarely record “snark moment” anymore

  • A new segment called “question to chew on”

  • What’s involved in creating and promoting an episode (all the steps)

  • What’s next for this podcast

I talked about a humbling experience on the podcast. I had just asked my wife (an amazing person, but not a professional photographer) to take my new photos. Then I heard my own voice on the podcast saying “Get a professional headshot!” Here is a DIY shot next to a professional shot I got a couple of weeks later.

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