Claim Your Niche With Dr. JaNaè Taylor

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Show Notes:

Dr. JaNaè Taylor was terrified at the idea of claiming her niche. Then she realized she wanted to create a new space for her community more than she wanted to be the catchall therapist. Listen as JaNae dives into the steps she took to step into full-time private practice and then begin a podcast and a movement called “Minding My Black Business.”

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Working with race-related trauma

  • Serving Black entrepreneurs

  • Expanding her offers in 2018

  • Getting her website just right with the help of a designer

  • Her love/hate relationship with fee setting (real numbers as usual)

  • Starting the podcast “Minding My Black Business”

  • Collaborating with business owners outside of our field

  • Fighting the comparison mindset

  • Time management and changes she’s made to her schedule

  • Using social media authentically

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