Relocating Your Therapy Practice With Kaitlin Geenen

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Show Notes:

Moving your therapy practice to a new town can be scary. Kaitlin walks us through how she moved her business from San Francisco to Livermore, a smaller town an hour away. In our conversation, she talks about everything from finding new office space to creating a new network of colleagues to working through the mindset issues that came up during this transition.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Networking to establish yourself in a new location

  • How SEO helped with the online transition

  • Using Mindfulness to make business decisions

  • Building her business around her life

  • Giving notice to her clients before closing one location

  • Finding office space in her new location

  • Maintaining relationships with colleagues in her old location

  • Working through fears before and during the transition

  • Holding boundaries around her hours

  • The differences between niching and marketing in a city vs. a smaller town

  • Her fees and how she sets them  

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