SEO Is Not Scary With Cathy Hanville

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Show Notes:

Are you intimidated by SEO? But you want to make it work for you? Enter Cathy Hanville. Cathy consistently comes up as #1 on Google in her keywords in her area. She’s been helping other therapists use SEO to build their practices for years. Now she’s teaching a lesson in my program, The Superpower Method For Therapists®. In our conversation, Cathy shares how she’s kept her business full for 17 years and how she’s keeping her own life balanced as an entrepreneur, therapist, and human.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Handling consult calls so you get only your ideal clients

  • Using SEO to keep her business full

  • Why SEO doesn’t have to be so hard or intimidating

  • Taking insurance so that she can work with students

  • Planning for eventual retirement and for a more balanced life now

  • What sets her apart from other therapists

  • Identifying her niches

  • Becoming an expert serving transgender and non-binary people

  • Getting a raise on an insurance panel

  • Taking a break from private practice for a family emergency

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