Liberating And Scary With Sarah Korda

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Show Notes:

Making big changes in your business is both liberating and scary! Sarah got off of insurance panels, clarified her message, honed her niche, raised her fees, and overhauled her website. Her advice for therapists ready to make a big move? Nurture yourself, and don’t punish yourself for your past mistakes. Listen to the steps she’s taking to grow her private pay practice while also prioritizing her work-life balance.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Coming up with her (brilliant) headline on her home page

  • The pros and cons of niching down more specifically

  • Using more self-disclosure on her website

  • Finding her ideal schedule and her ideal caseload

  • Setting boundaries around her business

  • Bringing intuition into her business

  • How she’s bringing in clients

  • Getting off of insurance panels and transitioning to private pay

  • Time-saving hacks and systems she uses in her business

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