Leverage Your Superpowers

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Show Notes:

Today’s rant is about embracing your Superpowers and using them to grow your business.

This is the second minisode of a 6-part series of minisodes. In each one, I’m geeking out about an aspect of your business that matters.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why what works for others will not work for you

  • What I mean by “Superpowers”

  • Being different is BETTER than being better.

  • An example of what happened when someone tapped into her Superpowers

  • How to begin discovering your Superpowers

Why does this matter so much? The more you embrace your Superpowers, the stronger your business will become, the bigger your impact, and the less likely you are to burn out.

I’m here to help visionary entrepreneurs create awesome businesses. If you want to go deeper and build your whole business around your Superpowers, one way to do that is through The Superpower Method for Therapists® Program. I’ve got a 3-day Superpower Intensive coming up on August 24th, 25th, and 26th in Berkeley CA. As I’m recording this, we’ve got spots available. Learn more and apply.