Parenting And Business With Linda Shanti McCabe

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Show Notes:

Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe sees her roles as a parent and business owner as interconnected and always in motion. In this conversation we walk through some of the most challenging things about wearing both of those hats. We talk about finances, child care, time management, identity, and more. You’ll love how down to earth and honest Linda is about all of it.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Writing her book

  • Returning to work after maternity leave

  • Paying for child care

  • Finding her entrepreneur tribe

  • Marketing by sharing her message

  • The best compliment she’s ever gotten

  • The impact of parenting on her business

  • Her fee (real numbers as usual)

linda If I’m talking about loving your butt and loving your mom body, the people who respond are the people I enjoy working with, and those are the values I believe in, so it’s consistent..png