Ethical Growth With Kerrie Thompson Mohr

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Show Notes:

If you think you’ve got to sacrifice your values in order to make a profit, listen up! Kerrie Thompson Mohr has expanded her therapy business thoughtfully and ethically. Listen as she talks about how she decided to bring clinicians into her practice and how she balances her various roles within the business. It’s not what you usually hear. Kerrie is honest about working more right now than she plans to in the future.

kerrie Flexibility is required of anyone starting their own business. It’s good to have a clear vision but to have flexibility is just as important..png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she decided to hire employees

  • How she looks out for her team and encourages self-care

  • Moving into a new, larger, and more costly physical space

  • Balancing her roles as boss, CEO, and clinician

  • Working a lot during a time of growth

  • Holding boundaries around her hours

  • How her center handles inquiries

  • The fees her center charges (real numbers as usual)

  • The factors they use to adjust fees

  • Starting a chapter of Sidewalk Talk

kerrie It’s very easy when you’re getting started to be distracted by all the shiny objects and to think there’s something else you should be doing. What you really need to do is tune into yourself and focus on the t.png
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