Tons Of Great Ideas? Unclear On Where To Start?

Bianca Hughes had been in private practice for two years, working too much for not enough income. She had tons of great ideas but felt unclear about where to start.

“Before I signed up for The Superpower Method Program I realized I had to start doing things differently and have a different mindset about business.”

During the 3 months of The Superpower Method For Therapists Program®, she made these changes:

  • Raised her fees by 50%

  • Overhauled her website

  • Got clear on her niche

  • Embraced video rather than writing as her preferred marketing tool

  • Created several videos to reach out to her right-fit clients

Bianca says The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program is for you “if you’re ready to dig in, and you need feedback and support.”

Register for the program now. 

Registration closes on Friday, August 25th.