Ivy's Practice Is Thriving MORE Since She Claimed Her Niche

Spotlight on Ivy Griffin, MFT in Sacramento, California

About a year ago, Ivy ran a general therapy practice. She had a lot of clients, but she was starting to feel overworked and even burned out. She worked hard in the Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program and made some big changes to her business.

She embraced the niche of Highly Sensitive People. She’s created an online coaching group for highly sensitive women and an engaging blog for highly sensitive people. She's created a free audio and worksheet with tools for HSP's. As an HSP myself, I freaking love her content.

Ivy had the same fears about narrowing her niche that most therapists have. Ivy had been getting a lot of calls for adolescents, because that’s another niche she’s well trained and experienced with. She didn’t want to suddenly start saying no to all of those people.

Listen to or watch my brief conversation with Ivy about the changes she's made in her business in the past year. 

  • She shares why she's more sought out than ever.
  • She answers the question: "What would you tell a therapist who is afraid the claim a niche?"
  • She talks about the changes she's made to her business model now that she's embraced this niche.