Ever Stall Out When You Try To Write For Your Therapy Practice?

You’re ready to build your therapy practice this year. You’ve got big plans. You want to significantly increase your income and attract your right-fit clients. You’re ready to put some work and energy into it. I’ve been telling you lately that you’ll need a strategy based on your strengths and tailored to the practice you want to create. 


Once you’ve got a great strategy, you’re ready to start taking action. Then...you begin to run into obstacles. That’s not a bad sign, and it’s certainly not a sign that you should stop. It just means that you need support and new skills.


Maybe you’ve decided to write regularly for your practice this year, either a blog or just a group of articles. Maybe you’ve even gotten started on that.


Writing is a very common place for therapists to get STUCK.


You’ve chosen writing as one of your practice building tools because you’ve got something to say, you want to increase your web traffic, and you want your potential clients to get a sense of how you work.


Many smart and creative therapists have a hard time following through with writing articles. If you’re one of them, I don’t want you to give up. That’s why I’m offering a free 30-minute online workshop about writing a blog for your therapy practice.


Join me on Tuesday, January 12th at 11:00 a.m. PT


I’ll share the most common problems therapists deal with when they begin to write articles, and how to move through those problems and keep writing. I’ll also share some keys to making your therapy articles engaging rather than just clutter on the Internet.

(Sorry, this event is now over)