How (and why) Does The Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program Work?


Many years ago, before I was a business coach myself, I was a participant in a few practice building conferences and boot camp marketing courses. I learned some useful skills, but I found the format didn’t take me where I needed to go.


There were plenty of ideal client profile exercises.

There was advice about what pages to have on my website.

There were plenty of marketing tools.

There were lots of enthusiastic coaches.


What was missing was a process to help me connect the dots, identify the bigger potential of my therapy business and create an individualized strategy to get there.


Then I started coaching therapists individually a few years ago. Some of them had also participated in boot camp courses and other practice building programs.


What these therapists most needed from me was a process to identify and then create the bold and innovative businesses they really wanted to run.


Without that kind of process, you may be able to build a practice that makes OK money, but you won’t make the most of what your business can be.


To break through and create the business only you can create, you need a process that helps you answer tough questions, stretch to think in new ways about yourself and your business, and discern which tools to use and how to use them.


(I have to be honest. Some of the questions are TOUGH, but they're worth it, and I’m here to help.)


Then I realized that I was walking many therapists through the same process, and that going through the process in a small group TOGETHER could give them even more value. No two therapists end up with the same practice or the same strategy.


Sometimes hearing what another therapist is working on helps you realize you had a question before you even knew to ask it.


The Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program was born.


Registration is NOW OPEN, and we start on January 28th. A small number of spots are still open.


IF THIS IS THE YEAR for you to create the therapy practice only you can create, you don’t need a grab bag of marketing tools. It’s time for a personalized strategic plan.


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