How To Know If You're Ready To GROW Your Therapy Practice

grow your therapy practice

Over and over, I have helped therapists grow successful, non-insurance based private practices when people around them were saying “It’s a terrible time to try to build a practice.” I’ve increased the revenue of my own private practice during these times too.

The time to build your therapy practice is when YOU are ready.

I live in the Bay Area where rents are up. WAY up. Of course this impacts a therapy business.


Factors outside of yourself, like rent and cost of living and unemployment rates do have an impact on your business. But they are not the most important factors.

The factors inside of you are much more important to your business. 

Here are some questions about those inside factors to tell you whether you might be ready to really GROW a private practice right now.




Do you WANT a private practice that makes a profit?


Think deeply about what you want for your professional future. If you know you want a private practice free of insurance panels, working with your right-fit clients and making a good living, then it may be time to make that happen. If you’re ambivalent, and you’re not sure what you want, take the time to figure it out first. Building a private practice takes commitment, and you will falter if you’re ambivalent.




Do you have energy to do the marketing and networking it takes to build a practice?


If you won’t be able to get yourself up in the morning to take steps to build your practice, then it might not be the right time. Consider whether you’re willing to set aside some time to do what it takes outside of sessions.




Do you have confidence in your work?


All good therapists doubt their clinical skills at times (except maybe the narcissistic ones, and that’s another story). When you are working with a client who is a great fit for you, do you feel confident about the transformation and healing you facilitate? If not, it’s time to get some support, either through clinical training, or perhaps your own therapy, to find that confidence.




Do you have a solid marketing strategy?


Desire, energy and confidence are important, but you also need to know what to do to build your practice. Find out here what I mean by strategy. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Check out The Superpower Method For Therapists Program. The next one Starts in January. 


If you know it’s time to build the business only you can create, apply for a free 20-minute phone consultation with me.