Full Fees Are The New Black with Tiffany McLain

Show Notes:

Tiffany leaned into her experience living between worlds as she created her private practice and her consulting business. She explains why “full fees are the new black,” and questions whether a sliding scale is the best way to give back. I hope you enjoy our chat even half as much as I did.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Establishing a niche with under-represented women of color in tech

  • How she brought in clients by networking outside the therapy community

  • How she uses copy and images on her site to call out to her potential clients

  • Why niching down has not limited who she gets to work with

  • Raising her fees higher than almost every therapist she knew

  • Busting the myth that you can’t make good money in private practice

  • Finding her entrepreneurial community

  • Questioning the myth of the noble (poor) therapist

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Resources Discussed:

Remit Sethi

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Tiffany's Therapy Website

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