How Jeff Guenther Started 4 Businesses On Top Of His Therapy Practice

Show Notes:

Jeff Guenther shares his journey from having anxiety attacks when he opened his private practice to now running 5 therapy-related businesses. He explains his method of identifying what project he will take on next and how he balances his many roles. Get ready to feel inspired by Jeff’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Choosing and then changing his niche in his therapy practice

  • Transitioning from agency work to private practice

  • Working through some serious anxiety when he started a private practice

  • How he uses feedback to improve his businesses

  • Finding the right people for his team at the right times

  • Creating, a progressive counseling directory in the Bay Area

  • How he balances (or sometimes doesn’t balance) his roles in his businesses

Resources Discussed: 

Launch by Jeff Walker 

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