Lily Sloane Gets Real About Balancing Her Ground-Breaking Podcast With Her Therapy Practice

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Show Notes:

Lily Sloane shares the journey of creating both a private practice and her ground-breaking podcast “Therapist Walks Into A Bar” on this episode of Therapist Clubhouse. She talks about the risks and rewards of sharing her real self in her podcast, dealing with the ups and downs of running a business, and planning for the future HER way.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Creating “Therapist Walks Into A Bar” and how she chooses new topics

  • Redefining the idea of being an expert with room for honesty and vulnerability

  • Her future plans for her podcast

  • Creating a schedule that prioritizes happiness and effectiveness

  • Keeping her expenses low and maximizes her financial freedom

  • Fighting isolation in her private practice

  • Creating balance in being CEO, clinician and podcast creator

  • Riding the ups and downs of a small private practice with less shame and fear

  • Setting business goals flexibly and creatively

  • Creating meaningful relationships to bring accountability and collaboration into her business


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