Kat Love Shares Keys To A Great Therapy Website Needs: Clarity, Focus, and No Psycho-Babble

Show Notes:

How do you create a website that brings in your right-fit clients? Kat Love, creator of Empathy Sites, explains what we each need to overcome in order to create an effective online presence. They get real about the mistakes therapists are making and how to fix them. They share how they stay productive and inspired and what they do when they lose focus. Join us for this honest conversation full of Kat’s wisdom and advice.

therapist superpowers

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Writing great copy that is free of “psycho-babble”
  • The importance of identifying your niche

  • The process of getting clear on your superpowers

  • How websites will change in the next 5 to 10 years

  • Finding the sweet spot of inspiration and productivity

  • Why they created their new program, Empathy Sites

  • The journey of a therapist from newbie in private practice to confident entrepreneur

  • The importance of staying away from comparison and knowing that you’re enough

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empathysites.com (affordable and awesome websites)

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