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This week it’s just you and me. I’m taking this podcast and my company in a new direction, and I want to tell you about it.

This has been percolating under the surface for quite a while. There’s been this part of me, which started as kind of a whisper and then became more of a shout. And now I’m ready to share it and I think you’re ready to hear about it.

For several years I’ve been focused on helping therapists create thriving private practices by leveraging their superpowers. With this podcast, The Superpower Method for Therapists®, and with our free trainings, we’ve helped a lot of you fill your practices and make a lot more money.

This has of course been amazing for me and for everyone on my team. We are thrilled about your success and the impact you’re making with your clients.

AND...there’s something else I’ve been doing and I barely talk about it. And that’s going to change, today.

I’ve been helping people who are trained as therapists level up beyond the therapy room.

I’ve run masterminds designed to help therapists create transformative offers outside of their offices. I’ve been doing this pretty quietly, only offering it to grads of the superpower program.

Now I’m going to make this my primary focus.

I am having so much fun helping these people level up. It’s absolutely something I’m meant to do. You are meant to lead movements, and I’m here to help you do it.

This is the question some of you will be asking right away: Are you still going to help therapists build traditional local practices in their offices? Yes. I am going to offer The Superpower Method for Therapists® Program in 2019. When I discussed this with a few of the therapists who have done the superpower method and are now in my mastermind, they were very clear that the Superpower Program needs to exist and that it’s offering something unique in the practice building world.

But I’m offering you something else now too. Something you need you to know is an option for you.

You are trained as a therapist. AND You can be a change maker, a visionary, and even a movement leader.

You can take the amazing work you’re doing, and make a MUCH bigger impact by taking it beyond the therapy room.

In order to do that you will need to do two things.

You’ll need to embrace the fact that you are an entrepreneur, and you will need to be a rebel.

As an entrepreneur with your own small business, you have tons of choices about how to make an impact.

the dirty secret is most therapists don’t thrive doing more than fifteen to twenty sessions per week. Even at two hundred per hour or more, that caps our income very quickly. It also caps our impact on people.

The self-help and personal development industry in just the U.S. is an over ten billion dollar industry. People are willing to pay for solutions. Much of what is out there is crap.

People trained in therapy and counseling should be leaders in this industry. We have the empathy, the ethics, the rigor, the intelligence, and we got into this because we actually want to help people transform their lives. That puts us in the perfect position to become leaders within this industry rather than only working one-on-one or one-on-two in our therapy rooms.

Who is leading this industry if it’s not us? Often it’s led by people with less training and education, who know less about the problems they are helping to solve. Many of them are life coaches. Coaching is an unregulated industry. There are wonderful training programs and certification programs for life coaching, but these programs are not required to become a life coach. In order to call yourself a coach, all you have to do is…call yourself a coach.  

People trained as Therapists and counselors, on the other hand, we have a LOT of training and experience.

You might say: But my transformation doesn’t scale beyond one-on-one work. There’s no other way to do it besides the way I’m doing it now.

Maybe that’s true. But maybe not. Dig deeper. You may be telling yourself that because it’s how you’ve always thought about it. It’s challenging to consider working differently.  

I promise I will never mislead you.

Increasing your impact and changing how you run your business isn’t actually easy or simple. It takes being relentless and patient at the same time. This is not a quick money thing.

What your business and your leadership will look like is unique. Figuring it out will be a unique puzzle. That’s part of what we figure out together in my mastermind program.

Here are Some examples of what you can create beyond the therapy room. You might create A:

  • Workshop

  • Online course

  • Group coaching program

  • Individual coaching program

  • Book

  • Podcast

  • Group therapy program

  • Membership community,

  • Retreat

  • Group therapy practice or therapy center

  • Or something else you’ll cook up.

In the process of recreating your business, you’ll learn some business concepts that people in the therapy world don’t usually learn.

Some of those business concepts might intimidate you at first, but we’ll step into this together so that you can benefit from them. I read business books all the time, and I’ll give you the good stuff from all of them so you don’t necessarily have to read them yourself.

And remember when I said you’ll have to be a rebel?

As you embrace being an entrepreneur and you commit to making a bigger impact, you will need to try new things, break some rules, amplify your voice, and trust your instincts. This is going to be an adventure, and it’s an adventure for rebels.

So how will the podcast change?

First of all, as of the next episode, it will be called Rebel Therapist. If you’re subscribed, you’ll stay subscribed. You’ll just see a new name

I’ll be bringing you more guests who have taken their gifts beyond the therapy room and stepped into bigger leadership. I’ll be asking questions and bringing out stories that show how it can be done, what has worked to increase their impact, and what hasn’t worked.

I’ll bring people on who can help you see new possibilities and help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you could be.

I’ll bring on people who are not therapists, but who have programs and services I know you need to hear about. We need to learn from people outside our fishbowl so that we can see what’s possible.

What will stay the same?

I’m still going to talk to real people about their experiences. I’ll still ask about mindset issues, how much people charge, what low moments they’ve been through with their businesses, and what advice they’d give their former selves. I’ll still come from the assumption that there is NOT one right way to run a business.

I will still NOT bring on experts to tell you how you should do it. I will bring on people who are doing it themselves.

So what’s this mastermind?

The mastermind I’ve been doing quietly and exclusively is now opening up. It’s called Rebel Therapist Mastermind. You can learn all about it at

This program is for rebel therapists who want to level up, make a bigger impact and make more money without increasing the number of hours they’re spending with clients.

It’s for folks who know there’s something more they’re meant to do.

Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll apply.

Then if you’re a good fit, you’ll enroll and you’ll start with an extensive questionnaire about your business so far and where you might want to go next.

Then we’ll have a 3-day online intensive in early February. In those 3 days, you’ll clarify your vision and work on your message and your marketing plan.

Then we’ll meet once a month for 8 months with 90-minute group video calls to help you work through the steps of making your vision happen.

If you want to know what kinds of folks you’ll be working with in the mastermind, I’ll give you some examples of folks who have been through the program:

Nick Venegoni, who I interviewed in the summer of this year, is the creator of Queer spirit, a podcast featuring Conversations with Artists, Healers & Activists who Enliven, Heal & Empower
the LGBTQ+ Communities. He’s a leader at the intersection of queerness and spirituality.

April Harter, who will be my very first guest in 2019, created an anti-racism coaching program and created a totally new way for white people to examine and change their racist behaviors. You can find her work at She’s definitely making a huge impact, and you’ll get to hear about it soon.

If you think you might be interested in Rebel Therapist Mastermind, make sure you get on the waitlist now and we’ll let you know when we open up applications in January.

I will see you again on January 1st with the first episode of Rebel Therapist.

I’m SO excited for you to come with me on this adventure.

Thank you so much for being with me all this time and being a listener.

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