Mindful Business Choices With Devona Snook

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Show Notes:

You started your own business so that you could work the way you want to work. You’ve got a vision of how you’d like your business to work, but it’s easy to veer off course and make the wrong compromises. Devona as been careful to make all of her business decisions with her vision in mind. She’s created a business that allows her to do the clinical work she’s most passionate about and engage in a full life outside of the office. Listen as she talks about the practices she uses to stay on track and in balance.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How she arrived at her niches

  • Referring clients out when they aren’t the right fit

  • Making decisions to keep her business within her vision

  • Her questions to help her stay on course (and one of mine)

  • Supervising as a small part of her practice

  • Scheduling one week a month to not work on her business

  • Engaging in self-care practices

  • Her fees and how and when she raises them

  • Setting up systems to keep her practice full

Resources Discussed:

The Four Tendencies Quiz from Gretchen Rubin

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