Marketing Your Therapy Business

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Show Notes:

Marketing your therapy business might make you feel disgusting. That means you’re doing it wrong. WRONG.

This is the fifth in a 6-part series of minisodes. In each one, I’m geeking out about an aspect of your business that matters.

To market your therapy business, you need a framework to help you understand your unique business, and you need to do a few things really well. You do not have to do everything and in fact you CAN NOT do everything.

Topics discussed:

  • Why you have to choose which marketing activities to do and let go of the rest

  • A 2-part framework for understanding your unique business

  • Part 1: Leveraging your Superpowers

  • Part 2: Knowing your Right-Fit Client

  • Questions to ask about any potential marketing activity so you’ll know whether it’s for you

  • The 2 components you DO need in your marketing plan: a strong online presence and a solid networking plan

  • Choosing the right additional activities to speed up your marketing

Why is this all such a big deal? When you’ve got clarity about your marketing plan, you won’t be overwhelmed and you won’t find marketing disgusting anymore. You’ll get better and better at bringing your right-fit clients into your business.

In The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program, we dive deeper into your marketing plan. You walk out with a marketing plan that works AND that you’ll actually follow through with. Superpower Intensive is an opportunity to go through the program in 3 days, with me, in Berkeley, California, from Friday, August 24th through Sunday, August 26th. Learn more and apply now.