Building The Business You Want With Thien Pham

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Show Notes:

Thien Pham says she never imagined she’d be here. In this conversation, she shares her journey of moving to a new city, transitioning into private practice, and working through all of the money issues that came up. Listen as she shares how she took the leap of faith and built the business she has now.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Working with 1st and 2nd generation immigrant women in tech

  • Negotiating career and location with her partner

  • Working with the Vietnamese community

  • Transitioning out of agency work

  • Transitioning to a group practice and then to her own business

  • What it’s like when you make more than your parents do

  • Securing a full-time office

  • Building a network in her new city

  • Creating her schedule and boundaries in private practice

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual)

  • Supporting other therapists rather than competing

  • The ebb and flow of clients

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