The Before And After Of Your Therapy Practice

The before and after of your therapy practice.png

Can we look at the potential before and after of your therapy business for a minute?

We’re enrolling people through Thursday for The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program.

The therapists in the Superpower community are a special sort. They’re ethical, dedicated, skeptical, warm-hearted, and smart. They don’t like flashy programs that promise you’ll make six figures if you follow a blueprint. They can spot fake pretty easily. My people!

This program isn’t a blueprint. So what is it?

What’s the before and after story of this program?

This is you BEFORE the program (September 2018):

  • You’ve got a practice that is sort of working. You’ve got a good reputation with people who know you. You’ve got some ideas about where you’d like your business to go, but you get overwhelmed trying to make changes and maintain your practice at the same time.

  • You get some referrals, but not enough to keep your practice full of clients who are a great fit.

  • There’s something about the way you’ve set up your business that is holding you back. (You may not know what it is, but that’s ok because I’ll be able to spot it very quickly.)

  • Working harder isn’t leading you to what you want. You’re not taking the right steps so no matter how hard you work this way, you’re not getting there.

  • You might be on insurance panels and you’d like to get off of them, but you’re scared to start that process.

  • You might feel stuck in a particular niche you don’t love, or feel stuck without any niche at all.

  • You have a lot of community and guidance around your clinical work, but when you talk to colleagues about your business, the advice and support is hit or miss.

This is you AFTER the program (January 2019):

  • You’ve got a plan that you love for your business. You’re clear on exactly who you want to fill your practice with and how to reach out to them. You’ve already taken some of the key steps to bring those clients into your practice.

  • You’ve changed your business model. You didn’t throw out what was working, but you analyzed your business model with a coach and smart group of therapists who saw possibilities and opportunities you didn’t see. Your business model is now designed to help you make a profit, do more of what you love, and do less of what you suck at. (There’s no blueprint, because they don’t work. We’ll explore over 10 possible additional services and discover which ones will fit into your ideal business model.)

  • You have a solid marketing plan, and you’re following it because it’s set up to leverage your strengths. You created this plan with help from a coach who helped you connect the dots between what you do well and what your right-fit clients know they need.

  • You have a business community! You’re part of The Superpower Method For Therapists Alumni Program. It’s free for you now that you’ve completed the program. You worked through the 14-week program with a small community of therapists, and now you’ve joined a larger community of like-minded therapists who continue to give you feedback and want the best for you and your business.

  • You have Annie’s guidance. You’ve got access through an exclusive facebook group to Annie’s feedback every day. You’ve got a Q&A community call every month where you get coaching from a business coach who already knows you and your business.

If you know that “after” is the one you’re ready for, register right now so we can get started.

**Click here to register.

Enrollment is open until the end of the day tomorrow, September 20th.

Maybe there’s a part of you that thinks you’re not ready for this “after.” If you’ve read this far, there’s a big part of you that knows this is the time to enroll.

Do this for yourself and your practice so that you stop wasting time and start taking the right steps.

I would love to work with you and the Superpower community would love to welcome you in.