Have You Hit A Plateau In Building Your Practice?

If you’ve hit a plateau in building your private practice, you need 2 different kinds of support to get to the next level.

The first thing you need is a solid plan to bring more income into your private practice. Your plan will involve both some in-person activities like networking and public speaking, and some online activities like improving your website and creating great content.

The next thing you need is help with mindset issues. When you start working on your plan, your mindset issues will show up and slow you down. You’ll start hearing “who are you to…?” or “this isn’t going to work…” or other messages that are just as unhelpful.

The Superpower Method For Therapists® Group Program is designed to help you create a plan AND work through your mindset issues so that you don’t stop.

I offer this program 2 times a year. Registration opens on September 11th and won’t open again until 2019.

So what’s covered in the program?

The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program will teach you to:

  • Identify your right-fit clients in specific ways that help you reach out to them successfully
  • Connect the dots between what you're great at and what those clients need
  • Overhaul or update your website so that it attracts your potential right-fit clients and converts them into actual clients.
  • Create a marketing plan completely tailored to who you are.
  • Grow a referral network with the people who will refer your right-fit clients to you over and over again.
  • Create a business model that brings you monthly profit rather than just paying the bills.
  • Identify the one big goal you need to put first in your business and then create a plan to accomplish it.
  • Set up your financial systems so that you feel empowered about the money in your business.
  • Create and implement a plan to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the ideal participant you are:

  • Passionate about providing excellent services to your clients.
  • Committed to making your private practice a significant source of income.
  • Insistent that your marketing and messaging must be authentic and ethical.
  • Ready to participate fully and take action to get results.
  • Open to giving and receiving feedback from me and a small group of like-minded therapists.

Here's how we'll do this:

  • 90-minute group video calls each week with me and guest teachers (7 calls total)
  • Video lessons and homework assignments two times per month (8 lessons total)
  • Community access between the calls through an exclusive Facebook group
  • Office hours calls with our 2 Superpower coaches for extra support
  • One 20-minute individual session with me by phone or video

What you'll need:

  • A computer to use for the video calls and to access the lessons and homework
  • A Facebook account to access the exclusive group
  • Time and energy to work through the program (this is the most important one!)

This program runs for 3 months.

The investment is $1695.

A monthly payment plan for $339 per month is available.

Want to know what’s in the 8 lessons?

Our step-by-step process: 

Lesson 1: Assess where your business is now

You'll assess where you are in all aspects of your business, including finances, energy and mindset. You'll get crystal clear about where you're starting from with no shame or judgment. You'll also set up a system to track what's working and what's not working as you build your practice and bring in clients. 

Bonus challenge: Start a networking challenge to begin bringing in more referrals (day-by-day challenge provided).

Lesson 2: Set up solid financial systems

with guest teacher Andi Smiles, bookkeeper and small business consultant

Andi wants you to develop a transparent and loving relationship with your finances. Proper bookkeeping does more than just relieve stress at tax-time. It also serves as a powerful ally in growth and expansion. Her lesson will help you set up your bookkeeping system. You'll learn foundational concepts like how to claim business expenses and pay yourself as a business owner. She'll also be on a 90-minute Q&A call so that you can get your bookkeeping questions answered. 

Lesson 3: Your right-fit clients

You'll identify your right-fit clients and access valuable information about them. This will help you authentically reach out to them using language that speaks directly to them. This approach allows them to recognize you as their therapist. Don't expect a typical "ideal client exercise." 

Bonus challenge: Overhaul your home page (lesson and worksheet provided).

Lesson 4: Your Superpowers

Your Superpowers are those qualities that set you apart from other people. You can also call them your differentiator, onliness, uniqueness, or specialness. When you build your business around your Superpowers, you move from your strengths and embrace who you are. You set up everything in your business in a way that leans on your strengths. When you don't build your business around your Superpowers, you're always trying hard and feeling ineffective. 

Bonus challenge: Overhaul your about me page (lesson and worksheet provided).

Lesson 5: Business Model Overhaul

Your business model is simply the combination of services you offer. You'll walk out of this lesson with a business model that provides more income and fits your strengths. You'll examine at least 8 different kinds of services you can consider for your business model. Many participants expand their business models by offering new services as a result of this lesson. 

Bonus challenge: Create a new service for your business and a description of it for your site. 

Lesson 6: Identify your ONE BIG GOAL and design your marketing plan

You'll choose one big goal to focus on first. Narrowing your focus to one big goal allows you to accomplish more, not less. With that focus, you don't get overwhelmed or lost in the weeds. You're able to choose what to act on from all the information you're absorbing. You'll learn about a number of marketing tools and create a plan that accomplishes your big goal, fits your Superpowers, and attracts your right-fit clients. 

Bonus challenge: Take new action with one or more marketing tools and get feedback.

Lesson 7: Look at your business as a whole

You'll be guided through a process to review all you've learned in the program and bring it all together.

Bonus challenge: Get started with The Superpower Method For Therapists® Alumni Program! 

Bonus Lesson: SEO Crash Course

with guest teacher Cathy Hanville, private practice consultant

Cathy will walk you through the basics of search engine optimization techniques to help you improve your website performance. She wants to make it easier for your right-fit clients to find you online. You'll learn about keywords, blogging, how google ranks sites, and you'll get started on your SEO! Cathy will be on a 90-minute Q&A call so that you can get your SEO questions answered by an expert. 


After the last lesson ....(drumroll)...you get ongoing support

When you complete the program, you're invited to become a member FOR FREE of our Superpower Method For Therapists® Alumni Community.

You'll join therapists who have been through the program for group calls facilitated by me and daily access to support through an exclusive Facebook group. We offer all this ongoing support because building your business is not a one and done process.

Get on the waitlist now.