We've Begun Our Challenge to Build A Stronger Referral Network

This referral challenge has been productive and fun so far! We're only on week 2, and you people are taking action. If you’re not in the challenge, it really isn’t too late to join. You can catch up on the prior days of assignments and stay with us through June. 

 Sign up right here. It’s free. 

 I created this as a very do-able challenge, with the assumption that your life is busy, and you can fit in a 5 to 20-minute challenge each weekday. 

There are almost 100 therapists in the challenge. 

 Here’s what I’m hearing from participants so far:  

A lot of you are getting more clarity. You’ve gotten more clear on your message through the first day’s exercises, and you’re also more clear on the purpose of your networking conversations. With that clarity, you’re going to be a lot more effective. 

Some of you have let me know you're surprised that the challenge isn’t what you expected. In a good way. Networking in this way is less artificial than you thought would be. 

Others of you are relieved that this challenge is not based on using social media. Social media can be used as a tool during this challenge, but you can certainly do the whole thing without it. 

Clear, surprised, and relieved. That’s exactly what I want you to feel. 

Here’s to getting your phone ringing with great referrals!

Whether you're in the challenge or not, if you're ready to build your practice in a big way, apply for a free consultation with me now. We'll talk about your next steps to building an incredible practice. 

Find YOUR best method for getting more referrals.

I often tell my clients that building a strong referral network is the fastest way to fill your practice. And now I’m leading a free 30-day challenge to help you do it. Sign up here so you can start with me on June 1st.

 How many colleagues regularly refer to you? Include anyone who refers to you even a few times a year. If your number is low, let’s say 2 or 3, you may feel discouraged. You’ve known dozens of therapists and other professionals over the years, and they all know you’re in private practice, but only a small handful refer to you.

I want to help you look at this in a totally different way.

 What if you could double or triple the number of colleagues who regularly refer to you? Imagine what that would do for your practice. Then imagine doubling or tripling that number again. You see where this is going.

Let’s start by examining the referral partnerships that are working. A referral partnership is a relationship with another professional in which you both refer clients to each other. Even if you only have one or two referral partnerships that are working, that’s the best place to start.

Consider what is making those relationships work. There are reasons those people are referring to you, likely including one or more of these:

  •  You gave them the impression that you have a high level of care for your clients.
  • They come into contact with your ideal clients a lot and you’ve given them the impression that you work well with that group.
  • You’ve shown them that you have integrity.
  • They have spoken with you 1:1 and like the way you think and communicate.
  • They like you.
  • You have let them know that you are likely to refer clients to them.
  • They have seen you recently or heard from you recently enough that you are on their mind. 

Think about each person who has referred to you. Consider which of those factors I listed might be present. Look for patterns in the ways you have created or maintained those relationships. Those are great clues for what will work again.

Your goal is to reproduce those results by reaching out to more people in similar ways.

 If you just can’t figure out why your referral partners have sent you clients, think about what comes easily to you in your relationships with colleagues. As you reach out to more colleagues, lean on those strengths. For example, if small groups are the place where you shine, look for opportunities to interact in small groups. Long-term group trainings and consultation groups might be two of your best places to grow relationships.

Sign up for the 30-day challenge now. You’ll get small assignments and a structure for taking smart action throughout the month.