A Blindspot You Can Fix Now


Here’s a problem I’ve seen happen to some excellent therapists lately. They’re doing just about everything right to build their unique and profitable therapy practices, but they leave out something important. Bear with me and I’ll tell you what it is and how to avoid it.


Let’s pretend it’s you. Imagine this: You’ve identified your niche, learned to express what’s unique about you as a therapist, created your ideal business model and implemented a solid marketing plan. Your website reflects who you are and speaks directly to your right-fit clients. Maybe you’ve even done some speaking gigs or created content that your right-fit clients value. You’ve brought up your fees so you’re getting paid well. As a result of all of this hard work, your practice has grown. Woo hoo!


But then….you start noticing you haven’t gotten a referral from a colleague in a while. What gives? You’ve got strong relationships with your colleagues, and you’ve gotten together with some of them recently. You refer clients to them, and you’d value referrals in return. You’re feeling discouraged.  


Here’s the thing. You probably haven’t been telling those colleagues that you have openings.


It’s obvious to your colleagues that you’ve done some fabulous work on your business. Your website looks great and the way you talk about your work is compelling. You look so successful to your colleagues that they assume your practice is full. They figure you don’t need or even want their referrals.


You can SO easily fix this. I got an email this week from a gifted colleague letting me know that she’s got some openings. I’ve sent her many clients over the years, and occasionally she’s been too full to take one. Thanks to her email, I’ll send her more soon.


Do this right now: Think about which of your colleagues doesn’t know you’ve got openings.


On a side note, if that description of you having it all together made you feel bummed out and you said, “No I really haven’t done all of those wonderful things,” that’s OK. Wherever you on your practice-building path, I’m here for you. Whether you’re brand new to private practice or you’re a seasoned expert, I’ve got resources to help you create the business only you can create. 

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