What would you do for your business if you had more time?

more time for your therapy business


Do you ever feel like you have way too many ideas for your business and not enough time to implement them?


Maybe you’re dreaming of taking some time off to actually get some of that stuff done.


What would you do with a chunk of time if you were to find it?


Would you write some articles, improve your website, get a new photo, create a welcome video, introduce yourself to some people you’d love to know professionally, add a new service to your practice, or start writing your book?


Here’s the thing: If you would carve out just a couple of hours a week, you could actually get a lot of that stuff done right now in the midst of your current life.


People tend to overestimate how much they can get done in a short period of time (like an hour or even a week) and they tend to underestimate how much they can get done over a long period of time (like a few months or a year) with consistent effort.


Stop waiting for that day when you'll have a chunk of time. It may never get here. 


It’s time to do less of what is urgent and more of what is important for your business.


But the urgent stuff pulls at you...


Calls come in from potential clients. Yep, it’s a good idea to return those right away, especially if you have openings in your practice.



Your roof is leaking. You have to call your landlord or if you own your home, you gotta figure out how to get that patched.


Bills are due. You sit down and pay them.


You or your kid is sick. Suddenly you have to carve out a DAY where you didn’t have one.


You feel like you have no more time to take care of those important business ideas. The urgent stuff took all of your time.


The thing is, I know you can be counted on to carve out time for what's important. You do it every day as a therapist. 


If you have a therapy appointment scheduled, you are there, with your butt in your chair, totally present with your client. You’re not checking your phone. You’re not writing an email. You show up and you keep your butt in the chair until the session is over. That’s your commitment.


Any chance you could give even a little bit of that commitment to some of those other important but not urgent items on your list?


When I work with a therapist to build their business, this is one of the things we look at first. Are you willing to schedule time to do the homework I give you? Are you willing to block out time on your calendar to implement the strategy we create?


Next time I’ll share one resource that’s great for getting more done. I’m reading a book right now called The 12 Week Year. It’s motivating me, and I think it might be helpful for you too.


If it’s time to make your practice into the business only you can create, apply for a free 20-minute consultation now.