One Reason You May Be Hitting An Income Limit In Your Therapy Practice

If you try to build your therapy business around a kind of work that doesn’t excite you, you’ll hit an income limit pretty quickly.


A therapist I’m working with came up with a great strategy based on her niche. She took some steps, improved her website, increased her networking, and got a few more full-fee clients. She was getting pretty close to meeting her financial goals, but she’s wasn’t making the kind of progress she wanted to. She wasn’t making the kind of progress I expect for my clients.


Then she had a breakthrough. 


During a coaching session, she realized the niche she was filling her practice with was not the one she wanted to continue working on. She had chosen this specialty because she had a lot of training and experience with it, and she was  somewhat well known for it by her colleagues and clients. She knew there were plenty of people searching for therapists with this specialty.


Those are all valid reasons to consider a niche, but if you’re not excited about the work, it’s not the niche for you.


Deep down, she already knew what kind of work she really wanted to be doing. We pivoted her strategy to build a business around this new specialty, and she got right to work.


She had been making SOME progress before, but after this breakthrough she was able to take steps to build her practice with less hesitation. She WANTED to talk to colleagues about this specialty, and creating new content for her site came easily to her. She was all in. The steps that felt difficult and complicated to her before now seemed pretty straight forward.


This breakthrough happens for A LOT of therapists I work with. 


If you’ve decided that you SHOULD continue to work with a certain kind of client, specialty, or therapeutic method that you’re no longer excited about, please reconsider. If there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to do that kind of work, you will inadvertently sabotage the building of your business.


When a therapist tells me that she’s not loving her work, I actually get a little excited. I know we’re about to have a breakthrough.


It may be scary, but I know from my experiences with MANY therapists that on the other side of that breakthrough is a much more fulfilling and profitable business. 


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