Thinking You'd Like to Create Leverage in Your Therapy Practice?

Lots of therapists I talk to are aware that at some point they want to do their practices to include more than 1:1 therapy. Is this you? Do you long for more freedom, more income, and the ability to help more people by creating leveraging? What I mean by leveraging is offering your services in a form other than one or two clients in your office at a time.  Perhaps you want to offer workshops or classes online or in person. Maybe you want to create a therapy center and hire additional clinicians. Maybe you want to write a book.

Now is the time to experiment and document. 

Start exactly where you are. Right now. Rather than waiting until you’re ready to write your book or create your workshop or program, start thinking differently about the work you’re doing in your office every day. Notice what works best with your current clients. If you’re creating some of your own interventions or processes, start writing them down.

As you experiment and document, you’ll begin to identify what is unique about your process, and that will help you see where you could potentially scale up. I’ll give you a fictional example. Let’s say a therapist has developed her own process for premarital counseling. She dreams of writing a book for engaged couples and selling it internationally. She can start by documenting the steps in her premarital counseling process. From there she might create some short articles about the way engaged couples can work through issues using parts of her process. She can put those articles up on her website and find out which topics are most popular. She can begin creating worksheets that help couples in her office work through her process. She can edit those worksheets as she discovers how couples respond to them.

What she should NOT do is begin by writing a book for engaged couples. The quality and relevance of her offer will be much higher if she has spent time experimenting, testing and documenting her process with real couples. She may discover that a book isn’t the right way for her to create leverage. She’ll be led by what she discovers rather than an abstract idea.

Do you wonder how you could create leverage? Look for opportunities to experiment and document the best of what you’re doing right now, right where you are.

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