Need A Better Home Page For Your Therapy Practice?

When you write the copy for your therapy practice website, especially your home page, you should always speak directly to your ideal clients. The entire purpose of your home page is to convince that person in his or her moment of need to take the next step to work with you. Get comfortable with ignoring everyone else. Focus on what your ideal clients are thinking and feeling in the moment when they are ready to hire a therapist.

 Here’s a little exercise to help you get started in creating that language.

Think of one therapy client you enjoyed working with or were fulfilled by working with. If you could work with someone like this every day, you would love your practice.

 1.    How would that person describe the pain she was in or the problems she was experiencing when she realized it was time to find a therapist.

2.    How would she describe the hope she had about how therapy could help?

 Answer those questions for at least 3 different clients until you see patterns or trends. Use your answers to help you create your home page.

 Your home page will speak to two main things: PAIN and HOPE. You’ve got to cover those before you describe anything about you or the therapy you offer.

 Which one should you start with: pain or hope?

Think about which your ideal clients tend to identify with. If you treat depression, your ideal client is extremely aware of pain, and will likely feel understood by seeing pain described first. If you provide premarital couples therapy, your clients may resonate more with hope.

 Why shouldn’t you focus on you or your services on your home page?

Your ideal client isn’t going to your page because they want therapy. No offense, but almost no one wants therapy. What your client wants is relief from pain or increased happiness or fulfillment. When she has read through half of your home page, before she does any scrolling down, she should feel more understood. When she feels that you get what she’s going through, she’ll breathe a little bit more easily. Then she’ll be ready to find out a little bit about you and what you offer.

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