Public Speaking With Laura Louis

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Show Notes:

Dr. Laura Louis has a successful business as a therapist, consultant, and public speaker. I discovered a few unexpected things during this conversation: 1. She’s an introvert. 2. Public speaking didn’t come easily to her at first. 3. She still gets nervous before she gives a talk. Listen as she shares some of the mindset work it took to get to where she is now, and lots of nitty-gritty tips about how to get started with speaking and how to up your game if you’re already speaking.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How to negotiate your fee for paid speaking gigs

  • How to find places to speak and make a pitch

  • Working through imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, and fear of asking for money

  • How to protect your energy during a speaking engagement

  • Hiring her team and what your very first hire should be

  • Building an online presence to promote yourself as a speaker

  • How she balances her many roles

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