From Scarcity To Stability With Alexis Lezin

Show Notes:

This is a conversation about transformations. Alexis shares how she worked through fears of scarcity as she took the leap into private practice. She talks about the transition from running a low fee practice to a full practice with a much higher fee. We dive into how she sets up her practice with plenty of room for parenting and restorative practices.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Finding good referral sources in the early years of private practice

  • The scary leap to private practice

  • Working through her doubts and fears about entrepreneurship

  • How putting herself out there in her last career as an actor helped her in this career

  • Figuring out your optimal number of sessions per week

  • Her journey raising fees over the years and working through money issues

  • Deep money work with clients around fees

  • How she sets up her schedule for work/life balance

  • Handling consultations that aren’t a good fit

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