Expressive Arts Therapy With Adriana Marchione

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Show Notes:

Does your life make room for creativity? Adriana Marchione is an expressive arts therapist and an indie filmmaker. In our conversation, she talks about the tension between finding stability and following her passions. If you’ve ever wondered how to make room for projects outside of therapy, this is for you.

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Retreating from art when she got sober and then creating a new and healthier relationship with art

  • Her journey to becoming an artist in recovery and an expressive arts therapist

  • Making 2 indie films in the last several years

  • The fine line between altered states and addictive behavior for some artists

  • How she balances being an artist and a therapist

  • The 3 prongs of her work: artist, therapist, and educator

  • Why our businesses go through seasons and don’t stay static

  • Her workshop, Story In Motion, that helps participants use art to heal

  • Providing workshops and other offerings around the world

  • Her fees (real numbers as usual!)

  • Her tension around charging her fees

  • The financial stress of being a filmmaker and getting through low times

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