Banish Regrets In Your Business

Is there something you regret that did or didn’t do in your business?


Is there a mistake you think about and wince a little bit?


Did you pass up on an office space you thought was too expensive, only to discover that it would have been a good investment compared to every office you found later?

Did you choose to go to a training or conference last year and then you heard about a training you would have liked better?

Did you hold off on creating or updating your website and now you think of all the clients you would have had if you’d gotten started earlier?


Whatever your regret is, don’t let it fester. Shift your actions where you can and let it go.  


When you focus on business regrets, you train your mind to look at your business through a negative lens. You learn to think of yourself as a poor decision maker.


Examine that regret, or list of regrets, and see where you can still pivot in a better direction. The beauty of running your own small business is that you can make shifts very quickly. You don’t need to run your decisions past a committee or explain your decisions to a big team. You can quickly learn from your mistakes and do something better.


If you’ve made too few investments in your business and find yourself thinking it’s too late now, shift by making smart investments now.


If your regrets have come from jumping a bit too quickly out of panick, allow a moment of thought and talk big choices through with a trusted colleague or coach.


Here’s my own example:

When I became a business coach for therapists, I was shy about it at first. I was afraid of what therapists would think about my new calling. I feared that some of my colleagues would not approve of me talking about things like profit and marketing. I avoided talking about it when I met therapists.


It took me a while to own my mission. I regretted that time when I was hiding and could have been reaching out and letting therapists everywhere know that I’m here to help.


So I am practicing what I preach here. I have let go of that regret, and I’ve shifted. Now I take every opportunity to talk to groups of therapists and get my message out there.


What’s your business regret? How can you shift your choices now and let it go?


Is it time to change your business in a big way? Apply for a free phone consultation with me now. We’ll talk about the overall strategy of your business, and you’ll probably be surprised by what we come up with.