Let's Bust A Misconception You Probably Have About Making Money

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The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program is designed to help you make some big changes in your business. Here's one of my favorites:

Transform your business so that you make plenty of money without working too many hours.

If you believe you have to settle for working too much or not making enough money, I want you to toss that.

That's not fair and it’s not true.

The first step to making more money without working more is to identify a better way to set up your business and then to insist on it moving towards that new way. Maybe that will mean raising your fees, getting off of insurance panels, or adding a new service to your business. Maybe it will mean something else.

There is no blueprint to make this happen because each therapist has a different set of strengths, preferences, and right-fit clients.You are unique. Your business is unique.

This 3-month program is an in-depth process to envision and then create YOUR ideal business.

Each therapist comes out with a different business at the end of the process.

From the very first week, you’re getting clear on your income needs, what parts of your work bring you energy, and what parts drain you. This is not just about getting to 6 figures and beyond. It’s about creating a business that supports the life you want and fits the person you are.

What will YOUR business look like?

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If you'd like to hear what several other graduates of the program have to say, check out what Tom, Ellie, Bianca, Annie (not me), and Albert have to say right here. They'll tell you where they were before they signed up and what happened as a result of their work in the program.

Thursday, February 8th is the very last day to register, and this isn’t offered again until the fall.

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P.S. I'm having a free Q&A call on Thursday this week. Reserve your spot and we'll talk about your business, your goals, and whether or not the program is a good fit for you.