How To Use Your Superpowers In Your Marketing Plan (Video)


This week one of my favorite colleagues interviewed me. Kat Love is an amazing web designer for therapists, and she's got a great blog with resources for building your online presence. In our lively video chat, she asked about how the Superpower Method For Therapists® works. Here are a few of the things we talked about:

  • How to begin to identify your Superpowers

  • Four ways to use your Superpowers in your marketing

  • How to make sure your Superpowers come across on your about me page

  • How to get started immediately in using your Superpowers

I get nervous anytime I give a talk or get in front of a camera, but this chat was actually fun. You'll like Kat, and I hope you grab a few ideas you can try right away.

Watch the interview and get Kat's helpful summary, notes, and resources.

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