When You Have An Unproductive Day


On most days, I get a lot done. I own two businesses and I’ve got two kids, so I have to be self-motivated and structure my time well. Still, I have unproductive days. On those days, I have my tasks in front of me, I’m clear about what I’m supposed to be doing, and I don’t get it all done. I had one of those days last week. Moved… Like... Molasses.  

If you have those days, you know how bad they feel.

When you’re running your own therapy business, here’s what a lack of productivity means: You will see your clients, be on time for your sessions, be fully present, and you’ll do good clinical work. You’ll return urgent phone calls and emails. You’ll show up for your family and friends too.

When you’re not feeling productive, you will find a way to follow through on what others expect of you.

The problem is, on unproductive days, you don’t move your business forward.

Some of the things that WON’T happen on unproductive days are: writing articles, reaching out to colleagues you’d like to know better, creating new or better content for your website, seeking out opportunities for speaking, assessing your business expenses, strategizing about your business plan, and…you get the idea.

When I have an unproductive day, it’s ok. I have a support system for my businesses, so I get back on track the next day. After I gather up some love from friends and family, I lean on my business support system, and get back on track again. If I didn’t have that business support system in place, it would be much harder to return to productivity.

A lot of what I do with therapists is strategy and positioning. I help them create unique business models based on their strengths, and the strategy to make those plans happen. The other part of what I do is to provide support and accountability so that one unproductive day doesn’t turn into ten. In my one-on-one work and in my small groups, therapists get the accountability and kindness they need to get back on track.

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