Think You're Not a Unique Therapist?

think you're not a unique therapist?

My method for helping you build your therapy practice is called The Superpower Method™. The foundation of this method is leveraging your unique gifts to attract your ideal clients. Some therapists wonder if this approach will really work for them.

Many therapists say, “I’m good at what I do, but there’s nothing particularly unique about me as a therapist.”

If you feel this way, it’s hard to build a thriving practice. You’ve got a major blind spot, and you can’t see the very thing that could help you get to the next level of success.

Every therapist I’ve worked with has a superpower, including the people who thought they didn’t. Usually that superpower is so much a part of you that you don’t realize it’s special.

Rick* believed he wouldn’t be able to identify a superpower in our process together. He’s a quiet guy, and doesn’t attract a ton of attention when he walks into a room. He’s sensitive, kind, and empathic. All of those qualities are great, but there’s more to Rick. We uncovered something he hadn’t noticed about himself. He stays engaged and hopeful in the face of his clients’ debilitating depression. Many clients who had been fired by other therapists because they were “high risk” and not making progress were able to make significant long-term progress in working with him.

Once we uncovered that superpower, he was able to position his practice and talk about his work in a way that set him apart from other therapists in his area. His practice grew quickly as a result.

*Not his name.

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