Think Bigger About Your Therapy Practice


You want to grow your practice and increase your income. Let’s say you’re thinking that you need to add 5 or 10 sessions to your week to do that.
But what if you could grow your business into something bolder and better than you imagine right now? What if you could earn more by doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t love?
Let me tell you about my own therapy practice.  In case you don’t already know, I’ve had a private practice for about 13 years. I love working with couples, so years ago I got Gottman certified and also did extensive training in EFT. I still had the pleasure of working with lots of individuals. When my practice became full, a colleague and I started offering a one-day workshop for couples. Things were going well!
My business model was profitable and fulfilling, and I could have just kept going that way.
Then I realized I wanted to help more couples without increasing my own caseload. I expanded my practice by founding The Bay Area Relationship Center. I brought in one additional therapist, and then another. Soon there will be 4 of us. We are on no insurance panels and provide therapy to couples and individuals in a beautiful suite in Hayes Valley.
This has been a thoughtful step-by-step process so that the quality of services has remained high. I’ve found therapists who share my core values and methods, but who also offer things I don’t.
I built this center using my strengths and leveraging the strengths of the other people on the team. One of my strengths is that I’m able to listen and understand other people deeply and come up with innovative and unexpected solutions based on that understanding. I love being a responsive leader, guiding the center as it grows.
My role fits my strengths and I rely on a team to help me with the stuff I don’t love or that I’m not great at.  My web developer, virtual assistant and client ambassador are just some of the people who support the center. The therapists who work with me are amazing, each with their own unique style. 
Allow yourself to imagine the kind of practice you most want. It won’t be the same as mine, because it will come from YOUR strengths and passions. Imagine who might be on the team that helps your practice thrive.
As a business coach, I don’t use a general blueprint to help therapists build their practices. A blueprint can’t help you get in touch with your gifts. Just like my practice, I know yours will be unique.  
My method for helping therapists build their practices is called The Superpower Method For Therapists™ because it’s based on finding and leveraging your unique gifts.
If you’re ready to create a bold and unique private practice, apply for a free phone consultation now.