No One Wants To Pay For Therapy

Do you sometimes believe this?

It’s sort of true.

No one WANTS to pay so that they can drive across town, deal with parking, spend 50 or 90 minutes talking about difficult topics and then return to the rest of their day.

But many people are willing to pay for the relief and the benefits therapy brings them. When a potential client believes that therapy with you can bring them the solution or relief they value highly, that client will want to pay for it.

Use yourself as an example. Are there areas of your life you are willing to spend proportionally high amounts of money on? Why? What does this spending say about what you value and who you want to be?

For me, one area I devote a lot of time and money to is professional training. When I spend large amounts of money on professional training and consultation I know I’ll get much more value out of good training than what I’m paying. I have spent well over 10 grand on advanced training in couples therapy with the leaders I admire. I would have found a way to spend more if it was necessary, because I knew it would make me a better therapist. 

There are other services and products that are incredibly important to others that I don’t spend much on at all. For example, I live in a city with incredible restaurants, and I rarely spend more than 5 or 10 dollars on a meal out.

Every dollar you spend reflects what you value and how you want to be. That’s true for your clients.

Here is a small list of things that many people, not just wealthy people, will gladly pay for:

  • Preventing a break up or divorce ...and feeling in love again
  • Getting out of depression ….and living a full life
  • Increasing self-confidence at work ….and earning more
  • Help one’s child feel less anxious ….and watching the child thrive
  • Breaking out of a dieting and shame cycle ….and enjoying food and one’s body
  • Ending PTSD symptoms ….and experiencing freedom
  • Finding relief from addiction ….and experiencing a range of feelings
  • Getting out of a sexual rut ….and creating an exciting erotic life

When you find yourself thinking “no one wants to spend money on therapy,”  it is because you’re not remembering the IMPACT of the work you do.  

Now if you’re thinking “but some people who value this stuff really CAN’T pay a lot for therapy,” consider this: If you charge a higher fee, you could then offer some sessions at a very low fee while still making a good living.

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