One Reason You're Not Getting More Referrals

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Bad advice

One of the reasons many therapists and other healers don’t easily fill their practices is that they listen to the wrong advice. Let’s say you run your practice building ideas past your colleagues. Maybe you show your new web copy to your partner or best friend. Or perhaps you talk to your mom about a workshop you’re thinking of developing. Unless they share the issues of your ideal clients AND they have an entrepreneurial mindset, your colleagues and loved ones might be the LAST people who can encourage you in building your business. Your colleagues have the same fears about practice building as you do. They may discourage you from making bold and authentic moves because they are not ready to do that themselves. Your loved ones may feel protective of you. If they see you doing something new, they may respond with caution because they don’t want you to get hurt. People who have known you for a long time may not be able to see the professional you are becoming because they can only see the person you’ve been up until now.

I am working with a therapist who has allowed me to share her story because it illustrates this perfectly. Sarah Soul had been planning on marketing a more general therapy practice, but through our work together she got clear that her specialty is in helping women suffering with eating disorders and body image issues. This is her passion. She’s helped a lot of women in this way, and she wants to help thousands more. Once she got clear on this focus, she was able to write her web copy quickly and her practice building work is flowing easily. 

When she shared this plan with her loved ones, some of them worried that a more narrow focus would hurt her business. I helped her check in with herself again, and she was clear that this is the right path for her to take. Her loved ones had no way of knowing that when you market only one specialty, you still have the opportunity to work with many people outside of that specialty. Here’s her website.

If you listen to advice from the wrong people, as well meaning as they are, it will slow you WAY down in building your practice. When you work with me, we sort through the messages you are soaking up so that you can distinguish the stuff you need to listen to from the stuff that holds you back. You become more clear and confident and you learn what is right for you and your unique business. 


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3 Reasons You're Not Getting More Referrals

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