Why Should a Therapist Blog?

therapist blogging

Should you write a blog? Here are some reasons blogging might or might not be a good fit for your practice building strategy. 

Why blog?

Because you like to write

If you prefer writing to public speaking or networking, blogging is a way you can “speak” directly to your ideal clients. You can let people get to know who you are as a therapist by sharing your ideas and your voice. If you like writing enough to write for an hour each week, blogging might be a good tool for you. If you’re comfortable with video, you can sometimes create simple videos instead of writing.

Because you have something to say

You’ll need to come up with topics regularly. You don’t have to come up with unique or earth shattering ideas for each blog entry. Your blog entries will address what your ideal clients come to you for help with. You can discuss research, share your opinions, and sometimes give advice. Your purpose here is to share your voice and how you think about these issues, not to come up with all the answers. Blogging is different from writing articles for professional journals. You’ll want to keep your voice accessible and personal.

Because you want to improve your search engine optimization

If you blog regularly, once a week or more, you can begin to improve your S.E.O… But don’t start blogging if you don’t like to write! Therapists who start blogging only because someone told them this would improve their web traffic end up feeling like the blog is a burden and a chore. Those blogs quickly end up in the graveyards of the internet.

Think carefully about whether blogging will be an enjoyable way to reach out to the people you love to work with. If the answer is no, don’t blog. You can create your strategy using dozens of other practice building tools that will fit you better. If you do decide to blog, contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss how to avoid common pitfalls and make sure your blog works to build your practice.